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Reading a Biorhythm Chart

Learning how to use biorhythms and following your chart will not mean that you will be able to predict every event in your life, or how you will handle it. However, by being aware of what your biorhythms are, and using them along with a certain amount of empathy, awareness of yourself and others, you can probably make your life much more positive then it is already.

Follow several past months, or pinpoint a period of time when you seemed out of sync. Look at how your cycles were running at that time and see if you notice any pattern. Follow several months as your cycles vary month in and year out.

Below are some simple observations I have noticed while following my biorhythm cycles over the years.

Physical (Red) - Emotional (Green) - Intellectual (Yellow)

Your biorhythms begin at birth with each of the cycles beginning at zero.

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I have noticed I am most congruent when my physical and emotional cycles are balanced out. (running opposite of each other).

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At times your cycles may all be recharging during the same time period. Even when your cycles once again balance out it may take time to regain the momentum you had prior to recharging :)

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Much like above but notice how the cycles join toward at the end of the month. I may be wise to store some of that energy built up prior to the cycles running together :)

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